Entertainment complex "Pirs 39" general rules and regulations.
(Hereinafter – the Rules)
Attention! If you do not agree with any clauses of the rules, have not read or do not agree with any of the clauses of the public offer from the information stand, we suggest you not to use the proposed services (water or other additional services) and equipment until you have specified the information that interests you on the phone 068 352 64 55, or at www.pirs39.com.ua.

1. Terms used in the Rules:

1.1. Entertainment Complex - entertaining and health-improving complex "Pirs 39", which is located on the territory of the Expocenter of Ukraine park, at the address: 1, Glushkov Ave., Kiev, near 10 pavilion. The owner of Entertainment Complex "Pirs 39", is LLC ATLAS TRAVEL GROUP. The entertainment complex includes:

- main swimming pool

- kids swimming pool with the aqua park;

- locker rooms with lockers for personal belongings;

- showers;

- restroom

- cafe;

- bar;

- recreation areas with sun loungers and umbrellas

- volleyball court

1.2. Provider – Limited Liability Company "ATLAS TRAVEL GROUP".

1.3. Visitor (user, client, guest, consumer) is a natural person who has accepted the terms of the public offer contract at the time of purchase an entrance ticket.

1.4. Electronic wristband – an electronic wristband, received by the user after paying for the services of the Entertainment Complex, is an entrance ticket, a key for a personal locker, and also a means of payment for additional services of an Entertainment Complex.

1.5. Basic services – services that are included in the entrance fee, in particular: use of swimming pools, recreation area, locker room, showers, volleyball court (if not rented).

1.6. Additional services – services provided by the Provider to the Client in addition to the list of basic services, and not included in the price of the entrance ticket: cafe and bar services, other services.

1.7. Charges (price list) – the list of prices approved by the Provider, which is provided on the territory of the Entertainment Complex. On the Entertainment complex territory, the usual and sport charges apply, and on the request of the Provider other types of special charges may apply.

1.8. A contract of the public offer is the contract regulating the set of entertaining services provided by the Provider (basic and additional), on the conditions and the prices stated by the Provider, and the Visitors accept these services unconditionally and fully by purchasing an entrance ticket and/or receiving an electronic wrist band.

2. The order of providing services by Entertainment complex

2.1. The permission to visit the Entertainment Complex is provided only after purchasing an entrance ticket and receiving an electronic wrist band in the "entrance cash desk". The ticket can be purchased on the day of visit to the Entertainment Complex. Electronic wristband provides an access through the turnstiles to the Entertainment Complex territory and let the Visitors use automatic lockers for storing clothes in locker rooms and use other services.

2.2. Visitors complaints regarding a malfunction and integrity of an electronic wrist band are accepted only at the moment of its receiving in Entertainment complex "entrance cash desk". If the Visitor went through a turnstile with an electronic wristband – this means that he received an intact and undamaged bracelet in the "entrance cash desk".

2.3. User is fully responsible for the loss or damage of the electronic wristband and must show it on any request of the Entertainment Complex staff.

2.4. The visit to the Entertainment Complex starts when the User passes through the turnstile using an electronic wristband.

2.5. The Entertainment Complex work time: 7 am – 9 pm. Users are permitted to stay on the Entertainment Complex territory during the time set at the moment of electronic wristband purchasing, according to the Provider set charges. If the Visitor does not leave the Entertainment Complex territory at the end of the paid time, he must pay for the extra stay according to Entertainment Complex prices.

2.6. In case of unforeseen circumstances, bad weather conditions and, as a result, inability to use the services, the price reduction for the period of stay at the Entertainment Complex territory is not applied.

2.7. The total number of Visitors who may simultaneously be on the Entertainment Complex territory is determined by the Provider. If the number of Visitors reaches the maximum, the Provider has a right to stop the tickets sale and provide the services.

2.8. End of the visit to the Entertainment Complex is the User passage through the turnstile in the opposite direction through the "exit cash desk", after paying for the rendered services at the "exit cash desk" and returning the electronic wristband in good condition to the cashier. The start and the end of the visit to the Entertainment Complex is controlled by touching the electronic wristband to a special turnstile device that reads information from the electronic wristband about the services provided and their cost.

2.9. Visitors complaints regarding mutual settlements are accepted only at exit, and if a Visitor has electronic wristband received in the Entertainment Complex "entrance cash desk" available. After the Visitor has crossed the turnstile and handed the electronic wristband to the cashier of the Entertainment Complex, the services are considered to be rendered qualitatively and in full, and complaints are not accepted.

2.10. The Administration of the Entertainment Complex notifies that there is video control on the Entertainment Complex territory and the Visitor may be photographed with no warning. Purchasing an entrance ticket the Visitor gives unconditional consent to video and photography.

3. Visitors rights and obligations.

3.1. While staying in the Entertainment Complex, the Client must follow the rules of conduct, which do not conflict with the public order. Do not speak loudly and aggressively in the Entertainment Complex, do not use rude words and avoid everything that can hinder other Visitors and staff. The Client should not disturb other Visitors of the Entertainment Complex they should adhere to cleanliness, order, hygiene, sanitation and fire safety rules.

3.2. When visiting the Entertainment Complex, guests should carefully treat their belongings, do not leave them unattended and do not trust to others. To store personal belongings, customers should use specially equipped lockers in the locker rooms.

3.3. Visitors are not supposed to:

3.3.1. organize non agreed with the administration of the Entertainment Complex events;

3.3.3. smoke (except special places), be drunk, drink alcohol (except alcohol purchased at the Entertainment Complex bar), use drugs and unauthorized medicines;

3.3.4. bring any glass, including glassware to the Entertainment Complex territory.

3.3.5. bring food and drinks, and also take food and drink outside purposed places, for example to the pools.

3.3.6. bring and keep firearms, gas, pneumatic and cold weapons, sharp objects, as well as explosive, flammable, toxic substances and strongly smell substances;

3.3.7. take video and photo without permission of the administration of the Entertainment Complex.

3.3.8. bring pets to the Entertainment Complex territory.

3.3.9. come in office premises (themselves and (or) the persons for who they are responsible) without invitation and informing the staff.

3.3.10. perform actions that contradict generally accepted moral and ethical standards.

3.3.11. manifest racial, religious, national or any other discrimination.

3.3.12. be rude to staff and other visitors of the Entertainment Complex.

3.3.13. swim in outdoor pools wearing outerwear and/or long pants.

3.3.14. jump and dive into the water from the sides of the pool, hold each other under water, scream, perform acrobatic jumps.

3.3.15. leave children under the age of 12 unattended.

3.4. The Entertainment Complex is not a medical facility, it does not provide medical care for the client (health assessment, supervision and health monitoring) and is not responsible for any changes in the client's health status, or for injuries received by the client on the Entertainment Complex territory.

3.5. After the end of the services use, the visitor is obliged to free locker in the locker room.

3.6. Children under the age of 12 are permitted to visit the Entertainment Complex only with adults. If the age of the child is doubtful, the Provider may ask for a document confirming the child's age.

4. Swimming pools rules:

4.1. Entrance to swimming pools is allowed only in a swimsuit made of a proper material which does not bleed dyes when wet, and for a child up to 3 years old – in a swimming diaper.

4.2. After crossing the turnstile, the Visitor can get changed and leave belongings in the locker. The Visitor must take a shower before going to the pool.

4.3. On the Entertainment Complex territory women should be in swimsuits, and men should be in swimming trunks. The Visitors are not supposed to be completely naked in Entertainment Complex territory, women with no top or bottom part of a swimsuit, and men with no swimming trunks. The Provider shall not be liable for users swimsuits and swimming trunks damage.

4.4. Users unable to swim are not supposed to use swimming pools. The Provider is not responsible for the safety of such Users.

4.5. Users with cardiovascular and psychoneurological diseases, any skin diseases, as well as spine diseases and musculoskeletal system are not supposed to visit the pool.

4.6. Users must fulfill any requests or requirements of instructors and other employees of the Entertainment Complex to ensure security, maintenance of order and cleanliness on the Entertainment Complex territory.

5. Pay arrangements for Entertainment Complex services.

5.1. Prices for services (basic and additional) are set by the Provider in the Charge (price list), which can be found at www.pirs39.com.ua and/or at the information stand at the "entrance cash desk". The internal Entertainment Complex pricelist can be changed by the Provider, and the Administration of the Entertainment Complex informs Visitors about changes by placing relevant information on the information stand, on the official website or in any other way. Children up to 1 year old enter the Entertainment Complex for free.

5.2 The visitor purchases a ticket at the "entrance cash desk", in accordance with the charges set by the Provider, by cash and/or non-cash payment. The cashier gives the visitor a check for payment of basic services and an electronic wristband.

5.3. Before leaving the Entertainment Complex the Customer pays for Additional services received on the Entertainment Complex territory. Information about the cost of Additional services is stored on an electronic wristband.

5.4. In case of damage and/or loss of electronic wristband the Visitor pays a fine of 500.00 UAH, which is added to a final payment for services at the "exit cash desk".

6. Responsibility of the Parties

6.1. In case of taking the electronic wristband out of the Entertainment Complex, its loss or damage, as well as towel and/or any other equipment damage, the Customer shall reimburse their cost in accordance with the costs set by the Provider.

6.2. The Provider has a right to apply preventive measures including but not limited to: prohibit the presence on the Entertainment Complex territory for users who are in a state of alcohol, narcotic or other intoxication, in mentally unstable condition, and for visitors who do not respond to the Entertainment Complex staff notes and do not comply with the Rules and the terms of the Public Offer Agreement, call the security service and/or police.

6.3. In case the User violates terms of this Agreement and the Rules of visiting the Entertainment Complex, the Provider has the right to force such user out of the Entertainment Complex territory. If the User was forced out of the Entertainment Complex territory, monetary compensation for unused time is not provided.

6.4. The Provider is not liable for damages, injuries, deaths or any other occasions that may emerge during the use of the Entertainment Complex services. The responsibility for safety of minors rests with their parents or accompanying adults.

6.5. The Entertainment Complex Administration is not responsible for values and jewelry safety, for things left unattended or belongings in the lockers.

7. Sport charge services.

7.1. The Provider offers a separate package of services–"Sport" charge, which applies from 07 am – 11 am on weekdays (except holidays)

7.2. The number of tickets is limited for each day, so the Visitor should make reservation 24 hours before the check-in or buy a ticket at the Entertainment Complex "entrance cash desk".

7.3. The following services are offered in the "Sport" charge:

- use of swimming pools from 07 am to 11 am for special reduced prices, which are indicated on the site www.pirs39.com.ua and at the "entrance cash desk"

- use of the toilet, showers and locker rooms from 07 am to 11 am

7.4. The Visitor who bought a ticket at a sport charge is obliged to leave the Entertainment Complex territory until 11 am. If the Visitor does not leave the Entertainment Complex territory until 11 am he pays for the rest of his stay on the Entertainment Complex territory at the usual charge approved by the Provider.

8. Visiting the Entertainment complex café and bar.

8.1. Here are our dining out facilities include the café and the bar "PIRS 39" on the Entertainment Complex territory. Dining out services are additional services of the Entertainment Complex and are not included in the entrance fee.

8.2. For getting dining out services, the User should order dining out services and meals according to menu or price list.

8.3. Payment for services and meals of the bar and the cafe "PIRS 39" is made directly at the bar or the café.

L.G. Gritsenko

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